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How does it work ?

Each time you learn something new, you have a fun challenge that you can choose to send us or not. It will give you enough momentum and motivation to always reach higher and improve your dance without even realizing it. Just because it is so fun that it doesn’t feel like working.    

1. Record videos and send it to us

For each Lady Style, Choreo or program, you can send us a video of you practicing it. A simple video recorded with your phone is needed.

2. Grow your Follow Points

Each video that we receive, once checked, will make you earn “Follow Points”. That’s not a competition, it is just for your personal growth.

3. Progress and reach a higher level

Once you’ve reached a certain amount of follow points, you will get rewarded with our Fresh, Good, Great, Excellent and Official Amazing Follow levels ! 

– For each Program, take a video dancing alone or with a partner, including all the steps of the program

– For each Ladystyling, take a short video dancing with a partner or alone, including the ladystyling step of the tutorial

– For each Choreo: take a video doing the choreography

Bonus #1: Every month, we will select a choreography winner and post it (only with your consent) on Instagram

Bonus #2: Each time you level up to a new grade, you will also be featured (only with your consent) on our instagram

Once we check your video, your challenge is validated and you earn your follow points:

– 1 Ladystyling video: 10 Follow Points
– 1 Program video: 50 Follow Points
– 1 Choreo video : 50 Follow Points
– Bonus: best choreo of the month: 80 Follow Points

To validate your challenge, you only need to show us your video.
Option 1: Send it to us privately on Whatsapp  (Dashboard -> Contact)
Option 2: Post it on your instagram and tag us @AmazingFollows

For each challenge, please write a clear title of your video.
Example: if you are working on the Waves program, mark the title as Program-waves

You can simply record the video with your phone. However, make sure to apply those simple tips

  • Don’t record in a dark place, we need to see clearly your moves ! 
  • Record your video in horizontal
  • Try to not be too close of your phone that it doesn’t cut your lower or upper body
  • Try to not be too far of your phone that you will be too small 

The levels

0 Follow Points


Welcome! This is the beginning of your journey to become an Amazing Follow.

0 Follow Points

10 Follow Points

Make your first steps with us and discover how the platform works.

10 Follow Points

100 Follow Points

Notice your first improvements along with getting comfortable with the challenges.

100 Follow Points

200 Follow Points

Your skills are sharpening and your confidence level is rising.

200 Follow Points

500 Follow Points

It’s all a piece of cake at this point. Motivated as ever, and still having fun.

500 Follow Points

1000 Follow Points

The ultimate level! Many rewards from us awaiting for you to get here.

1000 Follow Points

Frequently Asked Questions

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Any Questions ?

Feel free to contact us by WhatsApp, flash the QR code below with your phone :

Feel free to contact us by WhatsApp :

 here is our WhatsApp phone number
+33 7 56 81 10 80

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